Yogic Splits - hanumanasana Pose

Yogic splits other wise known as hanumanasana pose is wonderful. It is an advanced yoga posture that can be attained with a few weeks of dedicated practice.

Always warm up, do a series of hip openers and remember to breathe. Dashama has a wonderful Youtube video detailing the monkey pose. This is a great video - her teaching method is friendly and earthy.

I have been working with a partner for the last few weeks and finally relaxed into this pose on Monday. Fear was the only thing holding me back. I guess I was afraid I would tear a muscle or injure my knees. Both are very real dangers and this pose should never be attempted without an adequate warm up and hip opener exercises.

Once you've got it you've got it? No. Well not for me. Each time I do it, I fight the fear and let go and fall into the pose. My body eventually sits. I still resist. It's getting better but not perfect yet.

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