A Course In Miracles – Lesson 44

Welcome to 365 to Happy's Podcast. An Everyday guide to happiness. This podcast complements my blog where I journal my experience of doing the lessons in ACIM scribed by Dr Helen Schucman. The book is available to download on Amazon.con or iTunes store. The book was made freely available by Dr Schucman to anyone who wished to have a copy or teach it.
Today I will be reading ACIM Scribed by Dr Helen Schucman-Lesson 44 (used to link to a podcast I recorded - I will try to find it) .

Why Should You Care About Today's Lesson:

If you are searching for a spiritual path this is it. In all the reading I had done till now, a personal Guru was always touted as the best way towards enlightenment. Spend your days learning and putting into practice your Guru's teachings and one day you shall know God. What if you do not feel a pull towards becoming a nun and living in a convent is there a middle ground where you can have a spiritual life and a family? This is what I believe A Course in Miracles gives us. A real day by day instruction manual to be our companion on a spiritual journey.

The purpose of the course is to teach us to work miracles. To be healed. To help others feel the same healed perception that our enlightenment brought into our own life.

These lessons are practical. You will be doing much of the time. In the doing comes the learning and the realizations.

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