Shoulder Stretch

This right here is a yoga Shoulder Stretch.
First let me say this. I have been injured for the last month because I pushed my body too hard trying to get this stretch. It’s just not worth it. My yoga practice is all screwy and I’m grumpy as a result. But none the less after a strenuous workout this is a lovely stretch. Please always let your body heal after an injury and always seek medical attention if you feel it’s necessary.  It just goes to show that one needs to be mindful even with the easy asanas.

Step 1: While in a sitting or standing position raise your left hand. bend the arm so that your left elbow is quite close to your left ear while your hand reaches down towards your back.
Step 2: Bend the right arm now so that the right elbow is close to your waist and the hand on the right arm is reaching upwards towards your left hand. If possible – and only if this does not cause you any strain – clasp both your hands together.

Step 3: Relax and feel the stretch in your left shoulder blade. Un-grasp your hands and repeat with care on the other side.

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