Day1-Posture1-Standing Deep Breathing

The best pose of all is Pranayama Standing Deep Breathing. Leave your life, its bustle and hectic schedule at the door. This relaxing, unclogging pose will help you start your practice with an awareness of the body and  a sharp focus on the breath. Our life giving energy that we often take for granted. This pose quiets the mind and allows you to focus on healing. Let’s begin.

Step 1 – Mountain Pose. First orientate yourself by standing facing a wall in the front of the room. Hold your feet together and point them forward towards the wall.

Step 2 – Place your hands in prayer then interlace your knuckles. Place grasped hands underneath your chin with the knuckles of your thumbs touching your throat. Your elbows and forearms should be held close together.

Step 3 – Breathing in: While keeping your mouth closed inhale deeply through your nose to a count of 6 (or less if this is uncomfortable for you). You keys can remain open to help you keep balance. As your lungs fill with air raise your elbows outwards like birdwings remember to keep hands intertwined.

Step 5
 – Lower your chin downward until you are back in Step 2. Follow Steps 2 – 4 once more, and repeat for a second set.

Step 4 – Breathing out: Once you have reached a count of 6,  drop your head back gently and exhale through your mouth. The sound should remind you of the ocean. Do you remember fogging a mirror as a child with your breath? It’s the same sort of outward breathing that we are asking here. It should resonant from your throat and make the ocean sound as it is being released. While you are releasing the breath here bring your elbows back together like you would when pumping a bellows.

In Barkan Hot Yoga this standing deep breathing pranayama is repeated 6 – 8 times. It is enjoyable and grounding. It’s definitely the perfect place to begin your practice. Slowing down the breath to allow you to get back in communication with our bodies.

A brief note of caution –  If you get lightheaded easily – please do not even attempt this posture without first consulting your physician and yoga instructor.

Here is a Youtube tutorial of the pose for you to enjoy:

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