Parting of the Clouds Asana

There’s No Feeling Quite Like Parting the clouds What a glorious pose. Parting of the Clouds, I can’t help myself with this one. It’s such a freeing pose. It follows from the familiar tree pose: Vrksasana. The healing benefits of this pose are that it stimulates the digestive system and releases energy into your throat chakra while opening the rib cage.

So let’s begin:

Step 1: First stand in Mountain Pose.  Breathe in and slowly raise your hands slowly in front of you. Keep your movements loose and limber. Your body should be soft when you do this pose. Continue raising your arms until they are reaching above your head towards the sky with your arms close to your ears.
Step 2: Remember too keep breathing normally. Now arch your back and with palms facing upwards, bring your arms to in line with your ears by lowering your arms to shoulder height.
Fluidly move into the next step of this this asana. Staying in step 2 too long can cause undue strain on your back.
Step 4: Exhale and gently with care lower your arms to the front of your body.
Step 5: Now that you have done the pose once you can practice it again – this time as one fluid movement.
A brief note of caution – those suffering from high blood pressure should avoid deep back bends or stretching too far backwards as you may being to feel dizzy. If you get lightheaded easily – please do not even attempt this posture without first consulting your physician and yoga instructor.

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