The Perfect Posture – Siddhasana

The Perfect Pose otherwise known as Siddhasana should be used when practicing pranayama or breathing exercises.  This is an easy pose to master and allows the body to be perfectly comfortable while allowing the head, neck and back to be inline.
How to do Siddhasana
Step 1 ~ Begin by sitting on a comfortable cushioned surface.
Step 2 ~ Fold one leg in towards your perineum (the crotch or area between the genitals and anus)
Step 3 ~ Bend the other leg and bring the heel of this foot in level towards the heel of the already bent leg.

Step 4 ~ Hand can now rest on your knees palms facing upwards.
Mastering this pose took several months before it felt comfortable.I can sit this way for 40 minutes at a time now. Initially it felt like my legs were on fire and I could only do the pose for a few minutes. Never ever push your body to do more than it can handle. You will miss your knees if they get damaged. So don’t even think of pushing your limits.
After doing a little bit of reading, I discovered that this pose is important if you want to awake the kundalini. Now that energy center is a discussion for another day. But suffice to say that your heels are pressing against two points where your base energy is located. Many people often aim high and concentrate on the third eye or heart chakra. You cannot build a house without a solid foundation. One must free the base chakra in order to create a foundation to experience spiritual enlightenment. Mind you I am speaking from books and not method. I have attended many courses and even had my kundalini awakened by my Reiki Master. But truth be told I do not feel any different and I really doubt that it has been awakened. Nothing compares though to my daily meditation practice. I love it. I am now a stress free happy sort of girl ~ the kind I used to read about in books.
May your practice today be blessed.

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