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Mindfulness at Work – Sanity Amongst Co-workers

Love your Job but have Moody Co-workers? Or are you the Moody Judy bringing down the good vibe in your office? Let me share with you a few mindfulness tricks that can help you bring more calm to your work environment.
Mindfulness at Work
How can you remain a calm sweet helpful individual with an ever present smile without being made of pvc plastic?People are all around us and we relate, interact and respond to each other creating a dynamic that is ever changing. Ever walked into a cafe and left without ordering because you didn't like the vibe? People create that vibe with the energy and mood they bring to the situation. You with you high-tech human sensory pick it up easily.

Enough talk let's get onto the good stuff...

For 8 hours, five days a week there are a horde of characters that cannot be escaped from: co-workers, clients, vendors, salesmen, deadlines, bosses, customers, delivery personnel, repairmen and colleagues within the industry. They find a way to make contact e…

Take Away My False Appetites Prayer

Dear God

Please free me from my false appetites and take away my pain.
Take from me my compulsive self and show me who I am.

Dear God Please give me a new beginning, unchain my heart so I may live a freer life at last.


Taken from Marianne Williamson's A Course In Weight Loss.

- Have a blessed practice even if it's for as little as five minutes. Gather a Yoga body and a Yoga Mind by Living a Yoga Life.

Lightbabies Poetry by Em Claire

The poem LightBabies is uplifting and light for the soul. Love the moment, breathe it in. There is nothing more important right now than being bliss. Her poetry is abundant in When Everything Changes, Change Everything: In a Time of Turmoil, a Pathway to Peace by Neale Donald Walsch, which I just finished reading this week. Enjoy... a few words from the poem

Lightbabies We are Lightbabies. Golden Grace...
Wings, meant to fly... There is only the Unfolding; the Opening
ever happening.
Lightbabies Poem Written by the Amazing Em Claire. Please go to her website to view more great poetry that moves the spirit. Her book of poetry can be found here.

A quick note from 2020: I wrote this blog post in 2011 and back then I had Em Claire's entire poem here. I have since changed my mind about what is fair use on the internet. I think you should definitely check out her website. Listen to her poem the way she would like you to as an artist, and of course as a reader who wants to share …