Take Away My False Appetites Prayer

Dear God Please free me from my false appetites and take away my pain. Take from me my compulsive self and show me who I am. Dear God Please give me a new beginning, unchain my heart so I may [...]

Lightbabies Poetry by Em Claire

This poem is uplifting and light for the soul. Love the moment, breathe it in. There is nothing more important right now than being bliss. Her poetry is abundant in When Everything Changes, [...]

NuvaRing Review

NuvaRing finally birth control that is easy to use, has low hormone levels and very few side effects – could it be that I have found the ultimate BC of choice? Read my review to see how I [...]

60 Days of Weight loss

My 60 days of weight loss. Many tools will be employed C25K, Yoga, Meditation, A Course in Miracles, Hula hooping and a whole lot of prayer. I’ll update this single post daily. Each day I [...]