Building Self-Esteem Workshop with Chris Michaels

Here is a brief review of what I learned at a weekend workshop conducted by Chris Michaels on Self-Esteem. This was not a planned event. In fact I put more planning on what I'm going to eat for lunch than I did this class. My good friend invited me to church so I went along. The sermon was conducted by a guest minister Chris Michaels and let me tell you, the 'message' was received loud and clear.

Message: Have you ever really worked hard towards a goal but find you can only get so far, no matter how hard you try? The moment you are close to it, you do something to sabotage your efforts every time.  That is because there is a spiritual law that states:

You can only attract to your life and keep in it - what you truly and honestly believe you are worthy of having. That glass ceiling, is your own internal barometer that will only allow into your life what you think you deserve or are worthy of."

Take a moment and think about where this occurs in your own life, what is your glass ceiling?
My glass ceiling? 156 lbs. The moment I am close to it, I will eat the cake. Not even very nice cake.

But why?! You are asking do we self-impose these glass ceilings?

Here's an interesting analogy that might help you understand humans better. Ever wonder why we have an automatic pilot feature in planes that continuously resets a plane's course and make fine adjustments? It is the nature of the plane to go off course. It is our nature too, to go off-course.  We are inconsistent by nature. We are inconsistent by the nature of our design.

Photo by Brigitte Tohm
"I know the journey my heart wishes to take"
There followed a long discussion about our feelings and glass ceilings when it came to

1. Body image

2. Job

3. Material Possessions

4. Education

Where do we place our self-worth in relation to these four things? Do we let our idea or society's idea about these things determine our self-worth? What have we bought into?

The realization is different for everyone. You will uncover your own unique glass ceiling and the feelings surrounding it.

Here are seven practical steps towards dissolving your glass ceiling:

Step 1: For now pray only for an awareness of your self worth and value. Here are a few affirmations you can try for yourself:
Dear God let me see in me, what you see in me.

Dear God let me know(or any of these: value/understand/love) me, as you know/value/understand/love me.

Dear God show me the value you created me to be."

Step 2: Make choices that are good for you in the long term.

Step 3: Do not put yourself down any longer to other people or to yourself. Stop telling your story. You are not a martyr or a victim. Stop right this very moment. That was the old negative you. Do not agree with others negative stories either. Tell them you are sorry for there situation, but do not go telling your own stories about how you were similarly inflicted with suffering.
Do not identify with people who are angry, suffering, or in a perpetual state of victim-hood.

Step 4: Make time for the things you are passionate about. They the very talents that will lead you towards your own prosperity. Your road to happiness is paved by your talents, love and passions.

Step 5: Exercise daily.

Step 6: Schedule Fun.

Step 7:  Start treating yourself like a loved one. We take care of those we love. To better do this create a daily, weekly and monthly Self-Care Plan.

Here is an example he gave us:
Daily: Prayer and Meditation

Weekly: Social event (schedule to see friends, family etc), a massage, going to the gym 3x a week

Monthly: A weekend away, a new outfit

In summary here is what I am putting into practice from today's lesson:

Self-Care Plan:

Daily: Eat 1 healthy green meal. Write my affirmations and goals down each morning. Remind myself not to identify with angry victims.

Weekly: Exercise 30 min 5x a week, see friends, watch a movie. Follow my passion and blog 3 times a week as well as write 3k prose.

Monthly: A massage or splurge on new clothing or art. Schedule a social activity like a wine tasting or a dinner with friends.

About Chris Michaels: He founded the Center for Spiritual Living in Kansas and wrote The Souls Assignment

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