C25k Success

C25k Success! After about 5 months off from all and any running, I completed the C25k within 3 weeks and ran the Mercedes-Benz something or other on the 29th of March. How did I do it? I ran everyday with only 1 off-day a week and progressed to the next day's run on the C25k program. Here are the weekly highlights of my training schedule:

I jumped straight into week 3 of the couch to 5km program:

Week 3 - Day 1: Run Pace: 11:43/mi Walk Pace: 20:44/mi. Total Distance: 1.68mi

Week 4 - Day 1: Run Pace: 12:50/mi Walk Pace: 20:45/mi.  Total Distance: 1.8mi

Week 5 - Day 1: Run Pace: 14:37/mi Walk Pace: 20:38/mi.  Total Distance: 2.74mi

Week 6 - Day 1: Run Pace: 13:09/mi Walk Pace: 20:27/mi.  Total Distance: 2.09mi

Week 6 - Day 3: Run Pace: 14:50/mi Walk Pace: 16:41/mi.  Total Distance: 3.80mi

Mercedes Benz Timed Run 45 minutes: Run Pace: 13:05/mi. Total Distance: 3.38mi. Total Time: 42:11sec

Week 9 - Day 3: Run Pace: 14:15/mi Walk Pace: 17:54/mi.  Total Distance: 2.78mi

Once I was able to run 20 minutes at a nice steady pace, I knew that I would be able to run the 3 miles easily. The Couch to 5km is wonderful and yes I would use it again and again and again.

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