I adapt easily to new circumstances.”
My affirmation for March was Adaptability. Many new things were thrown at me. I came through all of it victorious. Public speaking, dating, self-reliance for my goals, a 5km run, letting go of a relationship that wasn't working and allowing myself the gift of forgiveness for those whom I have been withholding it from.

To say the love I have has multiplied as a result is truth. Fears I held onto for so long are scattered like leaves in the wind. I am so glad I decided to do The Year of Positive Thinking. These affirmations are simple yet powerful. Try them for yourself.

2020 Note:
Hello from 2020 Leanne, There is a a blog post for The Year of Positive Thinking  on this blog, I am working my way through posting 400 blog posts from my old hosting platform onto this new platform so it might not be up when you read this post, though fingers crossed my good friend. Please use the search feature or drop me a message and I'll send you the link if you would like to read it. Regardless, I highly recommend that book, I had such a blast the year I took on YES.

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