How to Organize Your Image at Work

Last year I completed a year of Happiness. This year I am working on achieving 5 specific goals. One of them is a career goal. I would like to be efficient, great at what I do and happy about it. Seems simple enough. January I will work on Image and Professional development.

Let's go... Image.

This weeks Image Goals are to:

1. Practice being enthused and looking positive no matter what. This makes people feel more comfortable around you. How? Smiling eye contact, and no closed off body language like crossing my arms.
2. Practice Good Posture. People with good posture look more confident and capable.
3. Start monitoring my nervous habits. It's easier seeing it with other people, than yourself. I pull up my pants like a 3 year old when I am nervous. Don't judge! This blog is meant to be a safe place.
4. Speak slowly, clearly and without a single piece of criticism.
5. Join Toastmasters. (uuurgh.... do I gotta????)
6. Purchase a business card holder. Already started.
7. Be punctual.
9. Read something relevant - put up a reading list.
10. Always, always, always be helpful. Always

* I am using the weekly plan from Jennifer Berry's Organize Now! Your Money, Business & Career.

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