Suja Essentials Fresh Start Program Day 3

You are probably waiting to hear about how Day 3 turned out. I won’t keep  you waiting any longer.

Day 3
Post-Workout: +Vanilla Nutz
Breakfast: 3 Brown Rice Cakes and Hummus + Suja Spicy Lemonade
Lunch: + Suja Green Greatness
Dinner: +Vanilla Nutz and then everything I had in my freezer
This morning I had a juice left over from yesterday that I had forgotten to put back into the fridge. Instead of throwing it away I decided to see if it was still drinkable. It was, hence I had my first ever post-workout drink. I don’t think I’ll ever do one of those again though cause I don’t quite have the diligence to be preparing pre and post workout snacks. Or all that many workouts.
That’s exactly how I felt. Like I could do it. Today I am successful. Right now… I am goal weight. As you can tell I am pretty hyped up on my positive self talk.
Since we are on the topic of workouts I have been doing them. Diligently. Daily and without wavering. I am one of those girls. One of those gym girls

Weight Watchers
I have my weigh in on Saturday… only I haven’t been tracking anything. Hmmmm… I also lost the little ring that goes onto my 4 week charm. That was so sad! Perhaps they will give me a new one?

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