Are Blogs Still A Thing?

There is a rumor going around that the blog as a format is essentially over. It’s too late to start one and the space is crowded. That’s the gist of it. And as I sat there watching my favorite YouTuber laughingly say this I thought to myself he might be right it’s been a year since my last semi serious post and not even a week since I had to redo the hosting on my site and template and everything else. It’s all falling apart. Every 3 months there’s some update and I have zero images and all my titles look like Whovian. And I do this for a living, so this blog is my hobby.
This is the plight of the lone blogger.
I love writing. I love it.
I feel inspired again to make something, say something, share something.
For 2020 I have some writing goals:
A novel and a YA Fantasy Novel.
I think I’ll keep you posted on this blog on how that goes.
Another goal I have is to have a minimalist home and of course a healthy body.
So this blog is still happening. It’s still a thing.


Unknown said...

Looking forward to the new posts ...

Jhenny054 said...

I too have heard this, but I do not think it will die. . I think it will be few and the great writers will emerge. I look forward to reading more of your blog. Keep writing and update us on your 2020 writing goals.! :-)

Leanne said...

Thanks Jhenny