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How to keep post-its organized.

Organizing tip for the week: Write sentences on post-its.

I cleaned my desk today. And I found 4 post-its scattered in varying places. All they say is bucket.

Some say it twice or thrice. Clearly this was something important I had to remember. But it’s a single word. I scanned my computer there are no bucket articles.

No buckets on my desk. Hmmmmmmmmmm what is it about?

Organizing tip for the week: Write full sentences on post-its.

The only exception should be shopping lists. Instead of, oh lets say writing bucket alone, write ‘Jeff’s dog kicked the bucket' – remember to send condolences’, or ‘inbox too full, bring bucket for overflow’.

I remembered! Write my bucket list, all the goals I want to achieve in the next 6 months. Yeah just like the movie where Jack Nicholson writes a list of dreams he'd like to achieve before he kicks the bucket.

How to Organize Office Files?

My favorite file folder is called TO FILE. Simply genius I thought at the time of it's birth. A place to store all the paperwork I need to file. Only the papers never got filed and this folder kept growing. I now have 3 folders labeled TO FILE.
A little while later and I now have this:
The Super-est most awesome-est organizi-est drawer.  YAY!!!!!!
Tools: All you need is a label printer and plenty of folders and you'll be on your way.
Initially I sat there for 20 minutes just feeling sorry for myself. Then I went to lunch. Stashed a slice of chocolate cake in my bag and told myself I could eat it only if I finished my filing.I took out all the old folders, and re-purposed them for the new categories I needed. This time round I was going to have a file for everything. No more saving the rain forest by combining subjects. This also meant that I got 50 more file folders. But honestly there were days when I couldn't find a document for hours. The most embarrassing is not having…

Gratitude Journaling Using Your Senses

A gratitude journal exercise that involves your senses, try it for yourself.

Here is my finished example:

Things I loathe

Sight: The film of muck that sits on old coffee.

Taste: Ginger - that comes at my unsuspecting self every time I eat Thai food.

Smell: The smell of mushroom sauce cooking.

Touch: Having to put on cold wet underwear because I forgot to switch on the dryer.

Sound: Scraping metal. Especially when a metal spoon is used to stir a pot. Wooden Utensils only! Yuuurrrgh, get he grills just thinking about it.

My heart just implodes: When I see the way a chicken struggles just before it dies.

Things I love

Sight: Tangerine bedsheets. everything looks proper until you pull back the comforter only to find my loud ridiculous sheets.

Sound: Rapids - the rushing loud sound of life.

Smell: Limes and Mango drying in the hot sun.

Taste:Miracle Chocolate Fudge Self Saucing Cake. I like eating it. I like sayingit. I just love it.

Touch: The crunchiness of passion fruit seeds

Smile therap…