Cleaning experiment

So things are getting better. By this I mean I am not drowning in clorex or knee high in soiled dishes. Last night i got home early and had a look-see at my cleaning schedule. I saw that in the [...]

Less is always quicker to clean

So this morning I got up pretty early- and had some time to kill. My cleaning tasks for the day were: Floors, my room and Dishes. I positively hate moping floors – in an effort to avoid [...]

My Daily Cleaning Schedule

I wish I could clean once a month and be done with it. Just never see dust or grime again till the 1st of next month like writing out the rent check. But the stuff just accumulates – like [...]

Boys you may keep your pajamas

The tale I am about to tell is based on a true life story – names of the people involved have been changed to protect their identity and blatant stupidity. So last night I … [...]