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Cleaning experiment

So things are getting better. By this I mean I am not drowning in clorox or knee high in soiled dishes. Last night I got home early and had a look-see at my cleaning schedule. I saw that in the morning I had Towel laundry and dishes.

Well all I did was grab all the towels in the house - including a fishy one that my roommate used for his dog. And chucked them into the washer. That was it. Done. You know how when you are standing in a house that needs to be cleaned and you wonder where shall I start. Then you run the list through in your head. In no time you are overwhelmed by just how much there is to be done. This little list of mine has gotten rid of the frustration and stress that always precedes cleaning for me. Sighs of relief are all I feel now. AWESOME.

Bathroom antsiness - Last night I had this great idea that I would organize bathroom stuff (shower gels and soaps etc in to ORDER) I am a containerizing fiend. Anyhoo, I picked up a jar and found ants. Loads of them. well I subd…

Less is always quicker to clean

So this morning I got up pretty early- and had some time to kill. My cleaning tasks for the day were:

Floors, my room and Dishes.

I positively hate mopping floors - in an effort to avoid them I cleaned the bathroom instead.

But I do like walking on clean tiles. So I'm going to practice saying "I love clean floors" instead of thinking "I hate 'em, hate 'em, hate 'em".

But back to Less.

While cleaning the bathroom, I realized I had to lift up all my cute glass jars full of cotton wool and ear buds etc to clean underneath them. It was taking FOR-EV-EEEEER. So I just moved the jars out and into my room instead. Chucked my roommates whatnots into a drawer and wiping the vanity surface took no time at all. I even cleaned the toothbrush holders. Awesome. All in I spent 10 minutes on everything.
Since that's out the way - maybe I'll do the floors tomorrow. I do love clean floors.

My Daily Cleaning Schedule

I wish I could clean once a month and be done with it. Just never see dust or grime again till the 1st of next month like writing out the rent check.
But the stuff just accumulates - like interest in the bank only not as helpful.
So I'm going to draw up a daily cleaning schedule. I cant seem to sleep between 2-4am so I may as well clean.

Thursdays: My room, and Towel Laundry.
Friday: Bathroom. Dark Laundry.
Saturday: Shopping- Groceries.
Sunday: Whites Laundry.
Monday: Make Lunch, Kitchen. Bathroom Mats
Tuesday: Floors and my room, Kitchen Dishes
Wednesday: Make Lunch and er... something else useful I suppose.

Uuuuuurgh, I thought as woman this would just be part of my DNA, uuuurgh.

Boys you may keep your pajamas

The tale I am about to tell is based on a true life story - names of the people involved have been changed to protect their identity and blatant stupidity.

So last night I ... ahem... Marcia, was wearing a nice pair of manly jama's. She recently discovered them about a month back. Their pro's far outweighed the benefits of  wearing those girly ones she had been using all her life.

1. They are long - perfect for watching tv as they drape over your feet and keep you warm. No more socks.
2. Their length also means that since your feet are covered you can go slip-sliding around the house playing 'catch me if you can' with whichever roommate at the time wants the tv remote you've just stolen badly enough.
3. They are always too big and they are meant to look that way. That great invention - 'elastic waistbands' means you can have an extra candy bar every night and it wont show.

So last night I popped a bag of corn (Marcia popped - ah hell...) anyhooo, so I poppe…