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I adapt easily to new circumstances.”
My affirmation for March was Adaptability. Many new things were thrown at me. I came through all of it victorious. Public speaking, dating, self-reliance for my goals, a 5km run, letting go of a relationship that wasn't working and allowing myself the gift of forgiveness for those whom I have been withholding it from.

To say the love I have has multiplied as a result is truth. Fears I held onto for so long are scattered like leaves in the wind. I am so glad I decided to do The Year of Positive Thinking. These affirmations are simple yet powerful. Try them for yourself.

2020 Note:
Hello from 2020 Leanne, There is a a blog post for The Year of Positive Thinking  on this blog, I am working my way through posting 400 blog posts from my old hosting platform onto this new platform so it might not be up when you read this post, though fingers crossed my good friend. Please use the search feature or drop me a message and I'll send you the…

C25k Success

C25k Success! After about 5 months off from all and any running, I completed the C25k within 3 weeks and ran the Mercedes-Benz something or other on the 29th of March. How did I do it? I ran everyday with only 1 off-day a week and progressed to the next day's run on the C25k program. Here are the weekly highlights of my training schedule:

I jumped straight into week 3 of the couch to 5km program:

Week 3 - Day 1: Run Pace: 11:43/mi Walk Pace: 20:44/mi. Total Distance: 1.68mi

Week 4 - Day 1: Run Pace: 12:50/mi Walk Pace: 20:45/mi.  Total Distance: 1.8mi

Week 5 - Day 1: Run Pace: 14:37/mi Walk Pace: 20:38/mi.  Total Distance: 2.74mi

Week 6 - Day 1: Run Pace: 13:09/mi Walk Pace: 20:27/mi.  Total Distance: 2.09mi

Week 6 - Day 3: Run Pace: 14:50/mi Walk Pace: 16:41/mi.  Total Distance: 3.80mi

Mercedes Benz Timed Run 45 minutes: Run Pace: 13:05/mi. Total Distance: 3.38mi. Total Time: 42:11sec

Week 9 - Day 3: Run Pace: 14:15/mi Walk Pace: 17:54/mi.  Total Distance: 2.78mi

Once I was able …