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Day3-Posture3- Awkward Chair Pose

This pose is an all round body toner for your legs, thighs, triceps and stomach. If time where money, this is Awkward Chair Pose is where you would get the most bang for your buck. Ladies let me introduce Utkatasana Pose! I will be explaining the Barkan Method Long Chair Pose here as that's the one that is practiced in my studio and it makes sense for us to learn that one.

Step 1 ~ Stand at the top of your yoga mat with your feet together in Tadasana. Place your feet apart about the distance of two fists (6 inches). Ground yourself into the floor.

Step 2 ~ While keeping your heels anchored flat on the floor, make a deep bend in your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Bend only as much as is comfortable. Reach out with your arms so that they are parallel to the floor. You will be holding your arms this way for the remainder of the steps. The arms should be held engaged. If I were to push down on one of your hands, your arms should not collapse but rather resist the pr…

Day 2-Posture 2 – Half Moon Pose with Hands to Feet Pose

Half Moon Pose is Ardha Chandrasana in Sanskrit. Finding a tutorial for this pose proved difficult. There exists a variation.
Step 1 ~ Stand in tadasana facing the front wall. Raise your arms above your head in prayer. Now stretch your fingertips and point them towards the back right corner of the room.  You will resemble a half Moon.Do not bend your arms or legs while you are doing this.
Remember to keep your arms pressed against your ears. Your arms shouldn’t collapse into your right side. You should be reaching up then back towards the wall. You should almost feel like you are holding avery large balloon in place between your arms and hip.
The Benefits of Bikram Yoga and How it is Different from Other Popular Types of Yoga

Step 2 ~ Come back to center and perform the same pose only now to the left back corner of the room. Finally return back to center.
Step 3 ~ Push your stomach, hips and thighs forward to balance you as you
prepare to slowly reach backwards with your arms in prayer…

Day1-Posture1-Standing Deep Breathing

The best pose of all is Pranayama Standing Deep Breathing. Leave your life, its bustle and hectic schedule at the door. This relaxing, unclogging pose will help you start your practice with an awareness of the body and  a sharp focus on the breath. Our life giving energy that we often take for granted. This pose quiets the mind and allows you to focus on healing. Let’s begin.

Step 1 – Mountain Pose. First orientate yourself by standing facing a wall in the front of the room. Hold your feet together and point them forward towards the wall.

Step 2 – Place your hands in prayer then interlace your knuckles. Place grasped hands underneath your chin with the knuckles of your thumbs touching your throat. Your elbows and forearms should be held close together.

Step 3 – Breathing in: While keeping your mouth closed inhale deeply through your nose to a count of 6 (or less if this is uncomfortable for you). You keys can remain open to help you keep balance. As your lungs fill with air raise your e…

Whose Wisdom Should We Buy Into?

A Course in Miracles

Today I was browsing Yoga Journal's website and I came across an interesting category heading - Wisdom.

Was this... a bit forward of them to be pronouncing? Or what precisely was going on here? So I curiosity got the better of me and I clicked. They have this hefty topic broken down into four neat parcels - Yoga Luminaries, Philosophy, Tradition and History and Meditation Downloads.

To tell the truth I didn't get much farther since they were charging for their meditation downloads. I get rather nice meditations off YouTube - Kelly Howell and the like for free. I'm a cheap seeker of enlightenment. Please don't frown at me here. I like the section very much.

Moving onto Wisdom in general. Where can we find it?

Here's something I firmly believe - Wisdom will find you at exactly theright time, right place, right you.
Right time?
Autobiography of a Yogi had been lying in my parents bathroom for a number of years before I picked it up and read. I had…

The Perfect Posture – Siddhasana

The Perfect Pose otherwise known as Siddhasana should be used when practicing pranayama or breathing exercises.  This is an easy pose to master and allows the body to be perfectly comfortable while allowing the head, neck and back to be inline.
How to do Siddhasana
Step 1 ~ Begin by sitting on a comfortable cushioned surface.
Step 2 ~ Fold one leg in towards your perineum (the crotch or area between the genitals and anus)
Step 3 ~ Bend the other leg and bring the heel of this foot in level towards the heel of the already bent leg.

Step 4 ~ Hand can now rest on your knees palms facing upwards.
Mastering this pose took several months before it felt comfortable.I can sit this way for 40 minutes at a time now. Initially it felt like my legs were on fire and I could only do the pose for a few minutes. Never ever push your body to do more than it can handle. You will miss your knees if they get damaged. So don’t even think of pushing your limits.
After doing a little bit of reading, I discovere…

Parting of the Clouds Asana

There’s No Feeling Quite Like Parting the clouds What a glorious pose. Parting of the Clouds, I can’t help myself with this one. It’s such a freeing pose. It follows from the familiar tree pose: Vrksasana. The healing benefits of this pose are that it stimulates the digestive system and releases energy into your throat chakra while opening the rib cage.
So let’s begin:Step 1: First stand in Mountain Pose.  Breathe in and slowly raise your hands slowly in front of you. Keep your movements loose and limber. Your body should be soft when you do this pose. Continue raising your arms until they are reaching above your head towards the sky with your arms close to your ears.
Step 2: Remember too keep breathing normally. Now arch your back and with palms facing upwards, bring your arms to in line with your ears by lowering your arms to shoulder height.
Fluidly move into the next step of this this asana. Staying in step 2 too long can cause undue strain on your back.
Step 4: Exhale and gently wi…