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The ADHD child - an alternative to Ritalin

You’re at your wits end, you’ve tried everything and now you are trying anything else at all that might take you and your family out of the ADHD darkness.  Coping with a child that has ADHD can place a strain on your family as every solution you find has a host of side effects or requires a drastic shift in the normal day to day running of your household.

For a year my brother was on Ritalin and so led a seemingly normal existence for that year. He managed to sit still at his desk. There was a lot less looking out of the window and a lot more writing down of words that were on the board. The incessant talking winked into a nod for yes and shake in the negative for no. He was the model pupil at long last.

There was just one small, teeny, tiny, little thing - he also seemed to be in a mild stupor.

Yes we were glad for the well behaved boy we had in our midst, but day by day it began to feel a less like we were medicating him and a lot more like we were drugging him.

The alternative

The …

How much television should my children watch a day?

Read this article for the surprising answer to how much television children should be allowed to watch a day.

When I reasoned it out on my own I decided that a good amount of time a day for a preschooler would be around an hour. That would be an episode of Teletubbies or Cbeebies and an episode of Dora - perfect. Some fun education and Spanish – that would also give me an hour to clean the kitchen and get something on the stove. Perfect, right? Oh and when they are older this hour should increase to maybe 2 or 3 hours a day, right?

Once I started doing some reading – it turns out that an hour’s allowance is not so reasonable and not so perfect. One expert suggested that 15 minutes four times a week for a preschooler should be sufficient. What?!!

Instead I had to promote outdoor activities and sports to spark their imaginations. Does television stunt the imagination? Well maybe having the story played in front of you is a bit of a giveaway when you consider the effort required to imag…