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Big 5 Personality Traits Attributes

Here is a brief overview of the Big 5 Personality Traits and their attributes.

You should have just finished the personality test, now I bet you are curious as to what all these attributes mean.

According toWikipedia people who are high in Opennessare ,inventive and curious vs. consistent and cautious. They also have an appreciation for art, emotion, adventure, unusual ideas, curiosity, and variety of experiences.

Those who are high in Conscientiousness are efficient and organized vs. easy-going and careless. They have a tendency to show self-discipline, act dutifully, and aim for achievement. They have planned rather than spontaneous behavior.

Those who are high in Extroversion are outgoing and energetic vs. solitary and reserved).  They are energetic, with positive emotions, urgency, and have the tendency to seek stimulation in the company of others.

Those who are high in Agreeableness are friendly and compassionate vs. cold and unkind. They have a tendency to be compassionate and …

The End In Site

What is this blog about:
Learning the theory behind happiness .
Or should I have said theories? Everyone has a book, everyone has a website and apparently the answer. I trawl these resources and try to gather as much knowledge as I can. But here's something interesting unless you know how to identify treasure you can't tell what's good from what's refuse. If I am not in the right place spiritually - I won't recognize a gem. I wish I were enlightened but I'm not. Not even close but by golly I'm working on it.
Finding yourself.
That term has been mangled by many a wandering philander that now it's just another word to refer to a selfish git who doesn't take responsibility for his actions and neglects t his responsibilities. Speaking for myself I haven't abandoned any babies or lived on my parents couch for the last 5 years, yet I am tenaciously uncovering my authentic self daily. The results I've found so far are not me donning a saffron robe and …

Take this Simple Quiz to Determine your Personality Traits

This is a really great quiz to determine what your personality traits are. This is an important step towards happiness because it will give you a mental orientation point. You will know how to navigate towards happiness - you will know just which direction you need to head off in. Sound too good to be true? I thought the same. But if done correctly you will have the same A-HA moment I did.

Do not read any further until you are ready to take the test or you will spoil the results.By all means bookmark this page and come back later when you have the time but please don't spoil what could be a pivotal life changing moment for you.

Knowing what your dominant traits are will help you understand why you are prone to being depressed. Why is it I can't ever get to work on time etc. It will also help you understand the people close to you. Why is Jason always so critical and neat obsessed, yet I wish I could succeed in business the way he does. This quiz will help you understand Jason…

Attitude is Everything

Two weeks ago I got stressed. I'm high strung to begin with. But I have a a friend who drives me round the bend others  that I broke up with and parents who are quite impossible. Everything and everyone... is out to punish me.

Don't worry - I see it too. It's not the world it's me. The way I view the world, how much I value myself and fear are the real problems. The world is just an innocent bystander in the accident I've made of my life. So much drama, so much pain. There are random moments when I will hold my breath. I'll be thinking if only I could pass out. Just let go in this moment by sheer determination, I would. In this state of breathlessness I can continue conversations and do work - it's quite a feat. I wont remember a word you say to me you understand due to the lack of oxygen to the brain ... but I still look like a partially functioning human being. Why am I telling you all this. why am I airing out the laundry. So you can see just how far do…

Day7-Posture7- Balancing Stick Pose - Tuladandasana

Tuladandasana is also knows as Warrior III Pose Virabhadrasana III in Hot Yoga.  Whenever this pose comes up in yoga class my instructor excitedly says it's times for the aerobic portion of the class. Your heart will thunder in your chest as you launch forward and stabilize your arms and legs like a human 'T'.

Virabhandra is the Sanskrit name of Shiva who takes the form of a fierce warrior.

Step 1 ~ Stand at the bottom of your yoga mat in Tadasana or Mountain Pose. Find a spot in front of you to focus your gaze (Drishti).

Step 2 ~ Raise both of your arms towards the sky in prayer. Interlace your fingers and release your index fingers so that they point upwards towards the sky. Keep your forearms close to your ears.

Step 3 ~ Bring your right foot forward about 3 ft and ground it firmly into the mat. Now shift your weight onto your right foot as you begin lifting your left leg. Keep the toes of your left leg pointed as your legs levers upwards. Begin to bend your upper body for…

Day 6- Posture 6- Standing Bow Pose

Standing Bow Pose is known as Dandayamana Dhanurasana in Sanskrit. By far this is the most graceful looking yoga pose. Once you nail it you will look like a ballerina in yoga class. It's amazing, to feel yourself suspended in a moment grounded with just a few inches of flesh on the earth.

Step 1 ~ Stand on your yoga mat[/amazon_link] in Tadasana. Balance your weight and begin to feel grounded. Shift your weight onto your left foot.  Lock out your left leg and bend the right elbow in, Bend your right knee and bring the heel of your right foot up towards your right buttock.

Step 2 ~ Bring your knees together to realign the hips so that they are square to mirror. Bring the left arm up towards the sky. Lift and stretch your upper body upwards, heart towards the heavens.

Step 3 - Kick your right leg up, and kick the knee up towards the ceiling. Lean forward and lock out the left leg. Your left arm should be stretched out in front of you with your forearm close to your ear. Bring your uppe…