Yoga to Sacred Music

This article is a brief review of the Barkan Method Yoga to Sacred Music Class. Whoopee! I finally got invited to Yoga to Sacred Music, if you are curious as to what that is here is a brief [...]

Before and After Weight Loss Photos

  Fat Thin   ~25 ~ Well here I am in London. Thin. I do believe I existed on cans of corn for supper. I was never hungry. I ate salads and fruit for lunch and a slice of cheesecake for [...]

How to Deal with Suicidal Thoughts

Two weeks ago a friend had come to my home all the way from London to spend his vacation in sunny Florida. a day before he was bound to leave back to London. He committed suicide, by hanging [...]

The Serenity Prayer

  When my eyes wont close and the clock takes a week to move from 2.50am to 3.10am, I say the serenity prayer. I picture myself falling backwards onto a bed of flower petals. I say to the [...]